Grup Majalah Karangkraf, publishes 28 magazine titles and reaches over 4 million readers collectively, with magazine titles published monthly, bi monthly and weekly.  Grup Majalah is the largest national language (Malay language) magazine publisher which caters to more than 60% of the Malay magazine market. Covering a diverse range of genres from fashion & lifestyle, education, entertainment, health, religious, travel, interior design as well as other special interest genres, just to name a few. The magazine segmentations covers the ages of 7 years old all the way through the 40 year old plus readers. Basically most Malaysians have in one time or another been exposed to one of our 28 titles which can be easily found in any newsstand and bookstores throughout Malaysia. Mingguan Wanita is the flagship magazine of Grup Majalah with a weekly circulation of 160, 000 copies.