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Special project is one of our more effective advertising platform specially designed for the sharing of products / services information through, what we believe, is a unique and effective tool to achieve unique and targeted outcome. By adopting the printed magazine concept, but reproduced online, we utilize ways that are a far cry from common so content become more distinctive, giving flexibility for more unique concepts.

This medium also impacts and gives different experiences for the readers to identify themselves with the product or service promoted. Advertising based on our special project concept would definitely be more distinguished, creating a more outstanding advertising marketing strategy compared to other advertisers and can easily affect the purchasing power of the readers when viewing the products / services offered.


Special Box (Limited Edition)


Jakel & Ariani
Mingguan Wanita Celebrates 30 Years with Jakel

Concept : Mingguan Wanita Special Box in collaboration with Jakel & Ariani is a special project and exclusively sold in MyNews.com network throughout Malaysia.

Inside this special box is a copy of Mingguan Wanita Special Hari Raya Issue, an Ariani scarve worth RM149.00 and Ariani’s customer membership card. This project has become a revolutionary phenomenon where two businesses use joint advertising to target their shared Mingguan Wanita readers .


Hijabista Limited Edition Box

Concept : This special project is a joint venture between Hijabista, the magazine and the Aidijuma Scarves which concept highlights both Fashion and Charity.

The limited edition box contains a copy of the magazine and Aidijuma Scarves limited editions specially designed for this project.  We are only selling 5,000 copies in our Karangkraf Mall. The project was a turning point phenomenon that marks both the brands working with us, because all of the 5,000 limited edition boxes were sold out within two hours of launching.


Special Event


Fair & Lovely / Sunsilk
Pencarian Dewi Remaja 2014/2015

Concept: Sponsorship programs or events are one of the few effective advertising avenues that draws upon the concept of ‘up close and personal’ with readers. Dewi Remaja has become an iconic and revered magazine by the young.

The much-anticipated annual beauty pageant event, too, is the most effective platform for advertisers to build brand awareness with young readers who are active and always seeking for fresh new itinerary to break free from their daily routine of activities.


Nona 3 Decades
Magazine anniversary celebrative events are extremely apt platforms for advertisers to opt to do business together. Branding products / services together with an exciting and glamorous event evidently gives a more prestigious image that comes with the magazine’s ‘birthday’ celebration.


Special Print Ads
F & N Calendar 2016
Concept : For every January 2016 NONA magazine purchase, readers have the opportunity to get a copy of the F & N recipe calendar. It is clear that distributing free annual calendars at the beginning of the year is one of the more effective strategy targeting the mass who do need a calendar as reference throughout the year.


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