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Digital Rates
Interest Based Digital Rates
Tech Geek Digital Rates
Welcome Page + ROS
Ad Options Ad Format Ad Dimension SOV Weekly Rate (RM) Estimated Impressions
Leaderboard 728x90, 320x50 CPM    
Expandable Leaderboard 728x90 to 728x200 CPM  
Medium Rectangular Top 300x250 CPM  
Expandable Rectangular 300x250 to 600x250 CPM    
Rich Media Welcome Ad (Daily) *D&M 800x500, 1024x1332 CPM    
Billboard Video *D 970x545 CPM  
Pushdown *D 970x90 to 970x415 CPM  
Tower Ad *D 160x600 (Set of 2) CPM  
Catfish *D&M 970x90, 320x50 CPM  
Expandable Catfish *D&M 970x90 to 970x500,
320x50 to 320x416
Mobile Mobile Underlay 640x1280 CPM  
Mobile Catfish 320x50 to 320x416 CPM    
Native Email Marketing   Per Blast 0.30  


Rates Guide
Customized Rich Media 
30% Loading Applicable
General Ad Specifications unless remarked
File size: < 50Kb
File size: < 100Kb
HTML Expanded
File size: 100Kb - 400Kb
Page Take Over
File Size: < 500Kb
  • Supported Format: MP4, WMV, FLV
  • File size: < 2.2MB
  • Bit Rate: < 700Kbps
Pre-Roll Video
  • Supported Format: MP4, FLV, WMV, MOV, AVI
  • File size: < 3MB
  • Dimension: 16:9, 640x360
  • Dimension: 800x600
  • Image orientation: Landscape
  • File size: < 50kb
Tile Feed
  • Font Style:'Roboto',Serif
  • Font Size: 15px
  • Font Color: #4d86a0
  • Font Weight: Bold
  • Dimension: 90x68
  • File size: < 30k
Booking, Materials Submission Terms & Conditions
  • D – Desktop & Tablet
  • M – Mobile
Rates Guide
  • Customized rich media requirement are subjected to 30% loading charges
Booking and Material Submissions
  • Cancellation is allowed, Karangkraf Media Group will reserve the inventories maximum up to 14 working days before the live date and it will be on first come first serve basis.
  • Cancellation is allowed for none Prime Section (For e.g.: News/ROS) only within 1 month notice from live date, else penalty of 50% off booking value will incur.
  • Only rescheduling is allowed for Homepage booking with 5 working days notice upon availability of ad inventories at that point of time.
  • Minimum spending of overseas client is RM3,000
Material Submissions Dateline
  • With Production Required:
  • 14 working days before live date
  • Without Production:
  • 3 working days before live date


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