Ideaktiv is a Malaysian and Nusantara content company and is committing in spreading the power of knowledge by producing great content, inspiring and touches live like no others. We creates values for others and values of our people, encourage development and exhibit a strong will to success. We own 39 intellectual properties, and 15 are active covering a variety of genres and top of the market segment. We lead to position ourself in the heart of Malay communities. We are the house of great content with brand like Mingguan Wanita, Rasa, Pa&Ma and Impiana is being recognise by the industries and the readers. We aim to become a technology driven organisation and making our content available on multi platform. Our content can be enjoyed via print, online, app, tv and ground event and expanding to more possibilities dedicated for Malaysian and Nusantara audiences.

Malaysia’s most popular weekly women magazine and number one lifestyle women portal. Packed with inspiring articles for women of all ages and walks of life. Fashion and practical recipes, beauty tips, health, relationships, business, motivation & community topics are the myriad flavours of topics that embody the full spirited femme magazine.

The only fashion magazine that serves veiled women who desire to look stylish while upholding the Muslim code of modesty. Due to the fast changing fashion trends and styles, this magazine is touted as a trendsetter that lifts the image of veiled women without compromising the Shari’a.

Keluarga magazine hosts a variety of special topics that are food for the soul for families who desire and aspire to maintain happiness. It also shares inspirational guidelines, tips and covers stories about religion & current issues. The strength of the magazine is rooted in the wide range of interesting stories shared by regular folks and also insights into the lives of people of the palace.

A magazine that relates closely to the lifestyle of modern Malay women with high aspirations. Features VIP and celebrity interviews as well as many strong women of substance who are well known in the community. Exuding exclusivity, the magazine showcases the latest fashions and is ideal for women who aspire to always look beautiful & modern.

Since its debut in the market 30 years ago, this magazine continues to be the staple brand dedicated to the youth. REMAJA is a trendsetter and teenage reference to fashion, up to date appearances, career, relationships and love. Plus, what is a magazine without the juice of entertainment and the teens’ favorite artists’ drama from within and outside the country?

Created for the modern man who is attentive to his own physical appearance and personality, MASKULIN touches on topics revolving around fashion, grooming, health, fitness and automotive that is written in a laid back manner. Its content is jam packed with information that is inserted to compliment the tastes and needs of the contemporary man.

PENGANTIN triggers inspirations for brides-to-be in preparing for their big day. Content includes dowry arrangements, bridal stage designs, bridal fashion and wedding photos; featured exclusively for the readers themselves. The rich options in this magazine are designed to assist the future husband and wife in creating a memorable wedding experience.

RASA invites sparks of cooking ideas as well as welcomes readers to the idea of enjoying the fruits of their labor with the entire family. Recipes are practical and easy to try, as it challenges your creativity in the kitchen. A useful directory for those involved in the culinary field as well as cakes and pastries and food processing.

A complete parenting guide for young and new parents in nurturing their children, ranging from newborns to children aged 6. Various topics address parenting concerns, ranging from pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, infant care,  as well as the growth and development of toddlers and preschoolers. Also included are segments about fashion for mother and child, Q & A with experts and even baby items shopping guides.

Home décor inspiration is not limited to luxurious modern residences only. IMPIANA is a splurge of inspiration that provides hints of exclusivity for you to organize your home’s interior decoration in congruence with the given ambiance and costs. The magazine is also a platform for industry players to highlight trending furniture, paint and color, accessories, bedroom fittings, decorative fabrics for the home and other related items.

The world of the angler is only understood by a fellow angler. UMPAN supplies anglers with information, tips, hints, techniques, equipment, accessories and fishing spots to explore. The magazine is rich with the sharing of experiences by anglers who made their catch either at sea, river, lake or pond. Every experience is captured ‘alive’ for this magazine from the lens of skilled photographers.

It covers mainly the local entertainment scene, serving juicy gossip and interviews. The website presents everything you would expect. It brings you artists’ lifestyles from Malaysia, Hollywood, Bollywood, Indonesia and Korea that adds spices to the excitement of the entertainment industry that is full of hype and glamour.

Intended for Muslim teenagers who observe the Syumul and Wasatiyyah practices in their lives. KASHOORGA also includes beauty and fashion topics that keeps teens in hijab on track, and is a source of inspiration and motivation for all readers. It includes everything circling “halal” essence.

Libur is the first Bahasa Malaysia travel portal that covers both local and international travel destinations. It gives tips on where to stay, dine and shop during your vacation. It also has information on planning an itinerary suited for your perfect trip.

Vanilla Kismis takes over the function of Key Influencer among Malay readers.