The need for a newspaper that is both neutral and independent in its reporting amidst a curtailed media landscape saw the birth of Sinar Harian in 2006 – the first state customised national newspaper.

It first hit the news stands on 31 March 2006 in the East Coast states of Kelantan and Terengganu before expanding its distribution to the state of Selangor and the federal territory of Kuala Lumpur in the West Coast in September 2007.

Today, we deliver content to our readers through the following channels;

Sinar Harian is published through four regional editions namely Central Edition, South Edition, North Edition, and East Coast. With “Telus & Tulus” as a tagline, Sinar Harian focuses on local news and balanced reporting.

With 6.6M monthly unique visitors, Sinar Harian online delivers fast, verified news through multiple digital platforms including a website, webtv, newsletter and various social media platforms.

This exclusive weekly program features a panel discussion on issues related to Politics, Current Issues, Religion, Consumerism, Health, among others. Discussions are typically among subject matter experts in related industries .

A program that involves formal discussion on a particular current issue from two opposing sides and is mediated by a mediator. In debat Sinar, opposing argument are put forward to argue for opposing viewpoints and usually ends with a vote.

A program that picks through the brains of a notable figure on current or community issues. Through this, the audience is given the chance to understand government policies and challenges via a wider perspective.

News portal that is dedicated towards teachers, students, and the school community. By providing news, tips and information, GPS Bestari has established itself as a source of information for its community including the Ministry of Education and State / District Education Offices.

Its content is also available on Sinar Harian’s daily newspaper.

A news portal that is dedicated towards university students either in Private or Public Higher Education institutes. Also highlights student-related activities and tips related to student life.

It’s content is also available every Tuesday in print edition of Sinar Harian newspaper.

SukanSinar provides sports enthusiasts with the latest local and international sports news, focusing mainly on football news delivered with local and international flavours.

A business news portal that aims to provide local SME entrepreneurs with the right skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to excel in today’s ever-competitive business world. Content is updated daily and is also available in Sinar Harian’s daily print editions.

A content segment in Sinar Harian’s Features edition that is compact with the latest information on the world of motors including information, tips, motoring club activities, and entrancing news in the world of motoring

A content segment that promotes a healthy lifestyle by highlighting knowledge and information including on health, consumerism, diet, travel, women’s issues, buying guides etc to its audience.

An Islamic content segment that highlights current issues that are relevant to today’s audience. It provides comprehensive coverage ranging from everyday issues, Q&A, activities, women, and leadership.

A women’s content segment that highlights beneficial information dedicated especially towards women. It provides balanced, inspirational and empowering, informational and educational content that supports the multiple roles women play in today’s society

A content segment that brings forth the concept of “Entertainment without Gossip” by delivering today’s latest news and happenings in the entertainment industry in a positive light.