Casual Rate Frequency Amount
Personality Cover on SinarPlus RM 16,960.00 1 RM 16,960.00
Cover Story + Display Ads (8cm x 5cm) on SinarPlus RM 20,400.00 2 RM 40,800.00
Replication of Cover Story on SinarPlus website RM 8,000.00 1 RM 8,000.00
FB Post of the online arti cle on Sinar Harian Facebook page RM 6,000.00 1 RM 6,000.00
FB Post of the online arti cle on SinarPlus Facebook page RM 4,500.00 1 RM 4,500.00
Total Casual Rate RM 76,260.00
Discount @ 79% RM 60,260.00

• SinarPlus Profiling Package prefers female to be featured as cover. Featuring of male personality will be subjected to Editor’s consent.
• Up to three personalities to be featured at one time.
• Slots are limited to only once per calendar month.

> The rates will be subjected to 6% SST & not entitled for
15% Agency commission.
> The rates are applicable for Direct & Agency clients
> No cancellation is allowed.
> Any insertions rescheduling, if eligible are strictly for
Sinar Ahad editions only.
> Payment: Cash Upfront.
> Booking: 5 working days prior to publications.

> Materials: Finished artwork / layout to be furnished by client in
5 working days.
> The special rates offered will valid from 1st September – 31st December 2020.
> Utilization period of the insertions will valid until 31st January 2021.
> This offer will not valid with other special package offers, integrated
offers, seasonal offers, and any other specials offered in the future.
> Other terms and conditions apply.