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Malaysia First Social TV

Sinar TV is the first Social TV in Malaysia that addresses Bahasa Melayu speaking social media audience via an approach that offers differentiation in video content delivery.

In 2014, an estimated 15,600,000* active social media user in Malaysia login to their gadgets and the number is growing day by day. This audience is spending 3 hours 17min* daily on social media for news, entertainment and lifestyle content. The Social Media Audience is large and evidently growing in size as it evolves, and at Karangkraf, we are committed to stay present and relevantin order to deliver engaging video content to this audience.

*Source: wesocial.org

16 Million*
Youtube SinarTV Views
*Source: Youtube analytic as at December 2015


Evolution From Print to

We extend our invitation to you to be part of the exciting family at Kumpulan Media Karangkraf, the largest Bahasa Malaysia Publication Media House. We own thousands of content that can be converted into video that targets the Bahasa Melayu speaking audience.

To name a few, Mingguan Wanita is a favorite amongst Bahasa Melayu reading women with a circulation of over 100,000 copies weekly, while Media Hiburan is still standing as the most popular entertainment weekly magazine in Malaysia for over 30 years. Hence, we are confident that nobody knows the Bahasa Melayu reading audience better than we do.


Watch Us While Walking Or
Anywhere In The World

We understand new way of consuming video content and we always make it easy for social media community to enjoy all of our program. Watch all of our program via social on www.sinar.tv and facebook sinar.tv no matter while walking or standing.

Our video content titles range from News, Entertainment, Religion, Automotive Review and lots more.

RM20 je
RM 20 je is a 4-minute cooking and DIY program that aims to provide a variety of “inflation buster” recipes with RM20 ingredients. RM20 je is primarily targeted to Gen X,Y & Z and those who are seeking ways to spend lean while still enjoying quality food.


Sinar Turbo
A program that focuses on automotive reviews, covering both the essentials and trending topics - from performance, quality, price and aesthetics. Targeted to first time buyers and those seeking for detailed and in-depth information about cars; this program offers a fun and easy approach to car reviews.


Comeynya Ugama
An religious program that discusses Islamic topics revolving around social, economic and faith. This modern day approach to Islamic issues is targeted to younger audience in both rural and urban setting.


Sekodeng Umpan
For those ‘Kaki Pancing’, this program highlights tips & trick for fishing in ponds, rivers and open sea.


Buat Sendiri Lah
Home Deco
Do it yourself program for home deco projects with minimal costs. For the minimalist in you, the program can guide you to turn nothing into something really nice for your living space.


Wacana Sinar
Current Affair
A monthly intellectual discourse forum that discusses issues on politics, social, religion, sports and many more.


Entertainment program for Gen-Y. Discovering Malaysia’s best talents in music, art and entertainment.


BTS (Behind The Scene)
Check out our behind the scene activities for all Kumpulan Media Karangkraf magazines, with Malaysia’s favorite star and celebrities.


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